Andrea Reitano

Andrea Reitano is a self-made italian businessman who has investments in a range of companies across hospitality , real estate, tech and aviation.

From a young age, Andrea Reitano had different goals to his peers. Andrea moved to Rome to study Economy and Finance, starting his university degree ahead at the age of 17. Supplementing his study with a job managing short lettings, Andrea became exposed to an international set whose aspirational lifestyle inspired him to travel.

So, with eight exams to finish, Andrea dropped out of university at 19, moved to London and began to learn English. What originally was two months, turned into nine years, a lucky break and the beginning of a journey into the hospitality industry.

Andrea’s ideas realised in project like Santo Mare in Marylebone, Osteria Romana in Knghtsbridge, Osteria Napoletana in Notting Hill, Forte Dei Marmi and Sopra in Miami and FORTE in Milan.

Each concept: a seafood restaurant, an intimate traditional dining or a private member’s club appear different yet share the same values – quality over quantity. “Food makes up 51% of a restaurant. Service, design and ambience should make up the remaining 49% but it is the food that should be given the greatest attention. I find more and more restaurants, especially in London, where they have flipped the formula and as a result, have been unsuccessful in their journey. I want to succeed so I will continue to concentrate on the elements that matter. ”

Andrea Reitano now divides his time between London and  Miami. Under his holding company , Reinvest Holdings, Andrea plans to develop and open 6  restaurants internationally, within 2025 from concept to reality as well. He also co-funded  a marketing company SocialAsk , an Olive Oil company called Panta Rei and an aviation company  called CJC.

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